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July 10, 2017


68 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 7, 2012

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Ep3: JIM SORENSON "GI JOE FIELD MANUAL" For years the community has been craving a GI JOE art book… specifically, a card art or packaging art coffee table-style volume. On this episode, we talk not only to the man who is most likely to make it happen, but who is also very much up to the challenge. This man’s name is Jim Sorenson. Mr. Sorenson is an animation historian, archivist, restorer, and enthusiast. If the name doesn’t sound familiar to the GI JOE world, it’s because he’s spent most of his energy up to this point contributing to or writing books on, the animated world of Transformers: The Complete Ark --

The AllSpark Almanac 1 --

The AllSpark Almanac 2 --

But now… NOW he’s set his sights on GI JOE with the “GI JOE FIELD MANUAL”… a book that compiles the production artwork for the Sunbow GI JOE animated series!!!! Coming out through IDW in the same vein as his previous Transformers Ark books listed above, the “GI JOE FIELD MANUAL” is a first-of-its-kind for GI JOE. And if it does well (read as: BUY THIS BOOK)… it doesn’t have to be the last! Not a fan of the Sunbow cartoon? That’s pretty inconsequential in regards to this book. The art and designs for Sunbow are just as responsible as anything else for shaping the GI JOE universe that we’ve come to know and love over the past 30 years, especially when stripped of its final, often campy, fully animated form. Not only that but there are things in this book alone which have never been brought to light before. Things like the image Mr. Sorenson shared with us for this episode (click the following link) which seems related to the origins of the creation for the character of Duke:

Mr. Sorenson not only talks to us about his previous books and this current book he is working on... but he also takes us deep inside his process, from hunting down source material to what it.


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