JoeDeclassified Archives: Episode 4 NANO-B.A.T. vs IRON KLAW

July 10, 2017

65 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 15, 2012

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Over the past 3 years, Patrick Stewart (aka notpicard) and Gary Head (aka Gyre-Viper) have discovered or simply brought to light, through their in-hand reviews, a lot of canceled and unreleased concepts from the “modern era”/”swivel-chest” GI JOE lines: the canceled Target sets (RECONDO w/ WHIRLWIND; CHUCKLES w/ SILVER MIRAGE etc), TIGER-FORCE ROADBLOCK, the PYTHON PATROL TROOPER and TELE-VIPER (before they were released later by the GJCC), DESERT SCORPION w/ COBRA MINOTAUR and more. But of all the things they’ve managed to get their hands on over the past couple of years, two unreleased concepts specifically have really captured the attention of the GI JOE collecting community: the mysterious NANO-B.A.T. and the elusive IRON KLAW. NANO-B.A.T. went public at JoeCon 2010 and then hit the internet just days later. It quickly became one of the most controversial, debated, hypothesized, abhorred, embraced, loathed, and desired unreleased figures of the “modern”/”swivel-chest” era. At the time, no one had ever even heard of NANO-B.A.T. Not even Patrick Stewart who discovered the figure. Almost 2 years after the discovery of NANO-B.A.T., the GJCC have plans to release a version of NANO-B.A.T. through their Figure Subscription Service (FSS). It should be noted that the NANO-B.A.T.(s) Pat (notpicard) found was a preproduction sample. Not entirely representative of what the final NANO-B.A.T. would have been at retail had it been released, nor how it is planned to be released through the GJCC FSS. IRON KLAW photos hit the internet in 2009. Rumors/listings of an “IRON KLAW TROOPER” had been floating about for some time, but it wasn’t until Gyre-Viper managed to find one, that anyone really had any idea of what it was, or what it would have looked like. But this was an unpainted test-shot. It only gave the community a very basic idea of what the IRON KLAW would have been had it been released. Almost 3 years after the IRON KLAW test-shot discovery, the GJCC has plans to release a version of IRON KLAW through the same Figure Subscription Service that is boasting NANO-B.A.T. amongst its 13 figure offering. That should be the end of the story, right? All is said and done? Patrick “notpicard” Stewart proves otherwise as he provides the podcast and you the listener/viewer with images of things most people have never seen before: IN-HAND images of the fully painted canceled IRON KLAW figure (NOT the GIJCC version).


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