JoeDeclassified Archives: Episode 5 Unproduced ARBCO Play Set and more!!!!

July 10, 2017

145 minutes · Originally Aired Apr 15, 2012

Episode Info

Well that was interesting. Just days after recording this episode, Retaliation toys ambushed collectors on the shelves at retail. And since we can’t always be right, it seems a couple of our predictions on this episode fell short. But at the very least you can hear the (what we think are) reasonable-reason-ings behind our theories in regards to a few of the Retaliation figures that were released into the wild unexpectedly. That being said, clocking in at over two hours and armed with a mighty 100-plus images… I’m sure we’ve got something besides rabbits and felled predictions in our hats as we conjure up: - an unproduced ARBCO play set! - an unproduced version of General Hawk! - confirm the answer to the mostly-unanswered 25 year old mystery of Low-Light's leg! - - and we use our crystal ball to peer into where the past meets the future as we bring you in-hand images of the unreleased 30th Anniversary Night-Viper and Crimson Guard who are slated for resurrection in Wave 5 of Retaliation! Speaking of crystal balls...we take in a stray as renowned GI JOE customizer and Crystal Ball hoarder, Brian "nova" Kauffman, not only joins us as a guest host, but agrees to come on full-time as a regular, resident host on the podcast! This episode is split up into two teams.  It's basically two recordings combined. Also, due to the nature of the Low-Light revelation, we felt it appropriate to post the image confirming the answer to the often-speculated 25 year old mystery on  Here is a link to the image and the thread:  The ARBCO, Hawk, Retaliation, Night-Viper and Crimson Guard images can be found here or click the links on the sidebar: Welcome to the Hidden World of GI JOE...   Welcome to Joe Declassified: SPEC-OPS.

Hosts for Episode 5:  Gary Head (Gyre-Viper), Chris Murray (TOPSON), Tim Dzieciatkowsi (Tolan), Jay Hunger (Smokescreen), Gary Godsoe (cmderinchief), Mike Irizzary (Beachhead), Josh Carlson (Roshan), Jared Bunnell (Jaimanstone), Phil Donnelly (PjDonnell), Pat Stewart (notpicard). Intro/Outro voice:  Moira Hunger (aka Mo Order) Intro/Outro song:  Jade "Lazertag" (Lifted Recordings).  Used with permission. Very special thanks to Jade for allowing me use of this song for the podcast.


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