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Jun 02

87 minutes · Originally Aired Dec 13, 2012

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Joined by Joe Declassified phantom bigwig, Jason wells aka VIPER109... we take you on a multi-line, multi-era adventure, embarking not only through the deserted history of GI JOE, as Mr. Wells brings the depth on the unproduced, highly coveted Desert Headquarters figures... but we also journey through some mid-Mesozoic mysteries, unearthed by notpicard and Gyre-Viper, via some overseas paleontology. It doesn't stop there as we identify the many non-Joe lines that reuse GI JOE parts (and sometimes vice versa), while nova puts on a bunny suit and hands out easter eggs.  It's hidden world meets lost world, with over 80 images to accompany this episode. Here is a link to the images for this episode:


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