JoeDeclassified Archives: Episode 2 Toy Fair 2012

July 10, 2017

114 minutes · Originally Aired Mar 1, 2012

TOY FAIR + the origins of Retaliation Night-Viper and Crimson Guard. We are joined by Joe Declassified Owner SAM "Nomad" DAMON!

Episode Info

Ep2: Toy Fair has come and gone. But the community is still firmly locked onto the GI JOE reveals from a few weeks ago. “Articulation Loss” continues to cause quite the ruckus. But with offerings like Joe Colton, Blind Master, Cobra Trooper, and Zartan… it seems the Retaliation line will be just as invigorating and nutritious as it will be frustrating and noxious to adult collectors who believe certain elements of the line are quite literally a step back (if not worse), in some regards, for a brand that has always seemed to look forward and push the boundaries. So the Declassified team takes on these Toy Fair reveals wave by wave and figure by figure utilizing’s Retaliation Toy SuperPage for reference. And the Declassified team is not necessarily in agreement with each other over a few of the offerings. Friendships are tested, hearts are torn, and virtual fists fly…. (no, not really). The team IS, however, joined by a surprise guest!!!!!!! JoeDeclassified owner and visionary, Sam “Nomad” Damon… who shares a little secret about the Retaliation Wave 5 Night Viper and Crimson Guard. What they really are and how they most likely came to be in the Retaliation line. What are Night Viper and Crimson Guard? Where have we seen those motorcycles before? Zebras, Ninja Turtles, and clones OH MY! Welcome to Joe Declassified: SPEC-OPS. Find us on iTunes (search: jdso) Find us on Stitcher (search: Declassified) Find us on the web:

Ep2 Hosts: Sam Damon (Nomad), Gary Head (Gyre-Viper), Pat Stewart (notpicard), Jay Hunger (Smokescreen), Gary Godsoe (cmderinchief), James M. Kavanaugh, Jr (KuuKuuSon), Mike Irizarry (Beachhead), Josh Carlson (Roshan), and Jared Bunnell (Jaimanstone). Intro: Moira Hunger (Mo Order) Intro/Outro Song: Gemini “Destiny” used with permission (Beta Recordings).


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